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The company is located in the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil, Apis Nativa owner of Prodapys brand), is an own and run family company with over 25 years of experience in processing honey, production of a variety of therapeutic products, cosmetics and dietary supplements based on the finest bee related ingredients (i.e., honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, bee wax and bee venom).

Since 2002, Apis Nativa has been focusing mainly on honey exports, however recently has been also investing in the. expansion of the sales to the national market.

Prodapys has three fully operational branches in the northwest States of Brazil (Piauí, Maranhão and Ceará), which improves the logistic of the business tremendously, additionally another headquarters in its hometown, focused on the national market.


Produce and market organic Honey, with highest quality, providing well-being, quality of life and longevity to the consumers.


Become the best and the most respectable world reference on Organic Honey production and commercialization, contributing for the sustainable development of the planet and for the best quality of life of the people.


Respect for the environment and ecosystem.

Respect for employees, suppliers and customers (the soul of the company).

Provide quality of life and longevity to the consumers.

Ethic and professionalism.

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Prodapys quality control

The honey exported by Prodapys are pure, unadulterated, not fermented, cold extracted from completely sealed combs without any additives and chemical.

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HACCP and Traceability

Prodapys has implemented and certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Practice of Industrialization (BPF) and the Standardized.

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Honey processing

To maintain the quality and characteristics of honey, various care is taken at the time of its processing.

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One of the largest honey processing facility in Latin America
  • The largest honey exporter in Brazil since 2008.
  • A new facility: 9,088 m2.
  • New and modern equipment, the company increases its capacity from 40ton to 120ton per day, allowing the company to process 30.000.000,00 Kg per year.
  • The capacity of general storages is up to 4.500.000,00 Kg.
  • Investment in quality programs, counting with a team of eight engineers and specialized technicians.
  • The largest organic honey project in the world.

Honey exports

Quantity of honey exported in KG