Gold medal honey

Since Prodapys began to participate in the World Beekeeping Contest, the company has been investing in the participation of a World competition of recognition of honey quality, as per the International Apicultural Congress Apimondia, thus the company has been awarded in the international beekeeping market by the its high quality honey products.

In the international competition, the company competed against honey from more than 100 (a hundred) countries, Prodapys earned Gold Medal and it was awarded as the World's Best Honey in several categories.

The awards ceremony took place in the Apimondia congress in Australia (2007), Ukraine (2013), South Korea (2015) and Turkey (2017).

In the four editions of Apimondia Congress Prodapys received a total of 16 medals of recognition of quality for honey and beeswax.

The Honey was judged by an international panel, they evaluated flavor, appearance, texture, in front of all competitors, they also subjected a sample to laboratory analysis to prove its purity.

Prodapys performance is also well known in Brazil. In 2016 the company received the award for 'Outstanding Company in Agribusiness', by the best company performance.

Prodapys quality control

The honey exported by Prodapys are pure, unadulterated, not fermented, cold extracted from completely sealed combs without any additives and chemical.

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HACCP and Traceability

Prodapys has implemented and certified Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Practice of Industrialization (BPF) and the Standardized.

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Honey processing

To maintain the quality and characteristics of honey, various care is taken at the time of its processing.

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